Vanilla is a slang term used by players in various trading card games to refer to creatures or cards that have no abilities.

They are also referred to as either "vanilla creatures" or "vanilla cards".


A typical vanilla card would be a creature such as Ambush Scorpion.

This is a Vanilla card.
Ambush Scorpion
Ambush Scorpion (3RIS)
Civilization: Nature Nature
Card Type: Creature
Level: 2
Race: Megabug
Power: 2000
Flavor Text:
"Ew ew ew EW! Squish it squish it SQUISH IT!" —Allie
Illustrator: Tomofumi Ogasawara

Due to their lack of abilities they are often shunned and dismissed in many decks. However, due to their usual stable and balanced power to level ratio (1 mana for 1000 power) they are often seen as decent creatures to evolve onto depending on their race(s).

While they might seem as "boring" or "useless" they can be useful to teach new players how to play Kaijudo without complications during creature attacks and are often featured in starter decks due to this fact not to confuse players that are new to the game.

Creatures such as Zagaan, the Bone Knight can be be close to be considered as a vanilla creature due to its "Double breaker" ability that is seen as easy to understand and something basic that many higher power creatures have. It is often called a "french vanilla" (or even "quasi-vanilla") due to this, a card that is seemingly vanilla other than a small standard ability such as Double breaker.

Although any of the creatures stay at a ratio of 1 mana for 1000 power, there are many exceptions such as Magris the Magnetizer (1 for 500) or Hydrobot Crab (5 for 4000)

While most Vanilla creatures are between the levels of 1 to 4, some exist at 5 and 6 mana as well. The strongest Vanilla creature currently in the game is Starwing in the Light Civilization which is level 5 and has 5500 power.


There is currently no support for Vanilla cards.

Lists of Vanilla creatures

Light Civilization

Water Civilization

Darkness Civilization

Fire Civilization

Nature Civilization

Multicivilization Cards


A card is considered vanilla for including only its flavor text, as it does not influence gameplay in any form and is not considered to be an ability.