Tornado Flame
Tornado Flame (13GAU)
Civilization: Fire Fire
Card Type: Spell
Level: 5
Card Abilities: Shield Blast Shield Blast (Instead of putting this spell into your hand from a broken shield, you may cast it for free.)
Banish target enemy creature that has power 5000 or less.
Flavor Text:
Fire it up! (1TVR, 2DED, 3RIS, 8TRI)
It leaves nothing in its wake but a meandering path of glassified rock. (13GAU)
Illustrator: Eiji Kaneda
Phong Nguyen
Sets & Rarity:
Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder Battle Decks
(33/43 — Rare ★★★)
The Dojo Edition
(44/55 — Rare ★★★)
Rise of the Duel Masters
(130/165 — Rare ★★★)
Triple Strike
(20/22 — Rare ★★★)
Quest for the Gauntlet
(118/160 — Rare ★★★)
Other Card Information: