Splinterclaw Wasp
Splinterclaw Wasp
Civilization Nature Nature
Race Megabug

Splinterclaw Wasp is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Splinterclaw Wasps live in Deepwood, a place far in the center of Nature where some of the largest creatures in the civilizations roam. These gargantuan Wasps seldom leave their home – unless Nature is under assault. When other civilizations get too close, the Splinterclaw Wasps take to the air and fight back! Their most defining feature are their namesake claws, which they use to engulf and crush entire creatures.


A Splinterclaw was seen battling alongside Fingers against Ray and his friends, but lost.

Card Representations


  • Splinterclaw Wasps have been described as being 60 feet tall however the one Fingers summons is only slightly taller than him.

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