Spirit Quartz is a race of creature in the Trading Card Game.


Every Spirit Quartz is a multi-civilization card of each of the 2-civilization combinations, 1 for each allied and enemy pairing.

List of Spirit Quartz


Sunspout Quartz (7CLA) Dawnflower Quartz (7CLA) Seacurse Quartz (7CLA) Chasmblaze Quartz (7CLA) Cindermoss Quartz (7CLA)

Glimmergloom Quartz (9SHA) Starforge Quartz (9SHA) Frostburn Quartz (9SHA) Mistvine Quartz (9SHA) Cavernmold Quartz (9SHA)

Tainted Quartz (10INV)


  • The Spirit Quartz are the Kaijudo versions of the Spirit Quartz from the original Duel Masters franchise.
  • Ten of the currently 11 Spirit Quartz creatures are Level 4, have 3000 power, and give additional power to other creatures in their respective civilizations.

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