Spencer Swan

Spencer Swan (left) vs. Ricky Gross (right) Season 2 - Finals of KMC Raleigh, NC

Spencer Swan is a Kaijudo Trading Card Game player and founding member of Team Peach.


Spencer Swan has been an active Kaijudo player since the game was released.  The first season of Kaijudo Master Challenges saw him make top four in the two KMCs he entered with a first place finish in Hartsville, SC.  At the 2013 Summer Championship, he took losses to the eventual second and third place finishers, and the 4-2 record put him at tenth place.  However, the Dragon deck he helped construct was used by Ricky Gross to land a top eight finish.

In the second season of KMCs, Swan made the top eight of two more KMCs, including earning first place in Raleigh, NC to win another trip to the 2013 Winter Championship in Texas.  In Texas, he and teammate Christian Van Hoose ran nearly identical LWD Kalima Control builds that took Swan to yet another 4-2 finish.

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