The Spell of Absolute Darkness is a spell in the Kaijudo: Clash of the Duel Masters TV Series. It is the Darkness Civilization "Spell of Absolute."

Spell of Absolute Darkness


To cast the Spell of Absolute Darkness, one must perform the kata and recite aloud, "Forces of shadow, cast darkness absolute!". This spell brings forth a thick, concentrated cloud of darkness from the hand of the caster which spreads across the area.

In the TV Series

This spell was first used in Darkness on the Edge of Town, where Megaria, Empress of Dread used the spell to defeat Shaw K'Naw in a duel against Allie.

In Into the Void, Ray, having jumped into the Cloak of Dark Illusion, follows the advice of the Darkness Mystic and casts the spell, expelling him out of the Cloak.

In Exchange Program, Allie casts the spell to banish all of the Light creatures in the temple, plunging it into darkness.

In The Evolution Will Not Be Televised, the Darkness Mystic enters Allie's body so that she can cast the spell in order to activate the Spell of Radiant Purification.

Episodes Used In

Known Users

Card Representations

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