Sonic Blast

Sonic Blast Deck

Set Gallery: Sonic Blast Gallery
Release Date: September 7th, 2012
Associated Set: Rise of the Duel Masters
Set Abbreviation: 3RIS

Sonic Blast is a deck released alongside the Rise of the Duel Masters set in the Trading Card Game.

It is a 40 card deck featuring 2 premium cards as well as a Code Card.


This deck is based on Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow and features the Water and Darkness civilization.

Product Gallery


Water Water Civilization: 20

Darkness Darkness Civilization: 20


When using the Sonic Blast deck, the player will find that switching out a few cards can really improve its performance.

Slayer Strategy
By substituting the Dream Pirate, Marrow Oozes, and the Specter Claw out and putting 2 Quakes the Unclean and 2 Voidwings, you can make this deck a Slayer frenzy.

Super Rares to the Rescue
By switching out any cards in the deck and replacing them with cards such as Megaria, the Collector, King Tsunami, Waterspout Gargoyle, or Diabrost, Shadow Marshal will allow you to build up to a fearsome final attack.

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