• Q: Does the “Dragon Frenzy” ability count Sok’ran?
    • A: Yes. Sok’ran is a Dragon, so if it wins a battle, the ability will trigger.
  • Q: Can my opponent use the “Shield Blast” ability of that shield?
    • A: Yes. Even though the shield wasn’t broken as part of an attack, it was broken.
  • Q: If the Dragon has “Double Breaker,” will “Dragon Frenzy” cause it to break 2 shields?
    • A: No. Any “Breaker” ability applies only when the creature is attacking the opponent and isn’t blocked.
  • Q: If the Dragon and the creature it’s battling are both banished because they have the same power, will “Dragon Frenzy” trigger?
    • A: No. A creature wins a battle only if it has higher power than the other creature.

Sok'ran the Untamed