• Q: If one of my creatures that has power 2000 or less enters the battle zone but later in the turn its power increases above 2000, does it lose “Fast Attack”?
    • A: No. Once “Crack the Whip” triggers and gives the creature “Fast Attack,” it doesn’t matter what happens to that creature’s power. It will have “Fast Attack” until the end of the turn.
  • Q: Essence Elf has an ability that gives each of my other creatures +1000 power. If I summon a creature that has a printed power of 2000 while I have Essence Elf in the battle zone, will the “Crack the Whip” ability trigger?
    • A: No. When a creature enters the battle zone, you consider all bonuses it receives while in the battle zone when determining whether the “Crack the Whip” ability triggers. The game will see a creature that has power 3000 entering the battle zone.

Skycrusher's Elite

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