• Q: Can I discard a creature at any time, even if Sasha isn’t being banished at that moment?
    • A: No. You can discard a creature only if Sasha is being banished, either by a spell or ability, or if she lost a battle.
  • Q: If Sasha’s power is 0 or less, can I discard a creature?
    • A: You can, but immediately after doing so, her power will still be 0 or less. She’ll immediately be banished again. You can keep discarding creatures this way, but as soon as you don’t, Sasha will be banished.
  • Q: If Sasha battles a creature that has both “Slayer” and the same power as Sasha, how many creatures will I have to discard to keep Sasha from being banished?
    • A: Two. You’ll discard one because Sasha would be banished from losing the battle. Then, when the “Slayer” ability happens, you’ll have to discard a second one.
  • Q: Slumbering Titan’s “Wake the Mountain” ability says “If an opponent’s spell or ability would cause you to discard this creature, you may put it into the battle zone instead.” If my opponent’s spell or ability would banish Sasha and I discard Slumbering Titan to save her, would I put Slumbering Titan into the battle zone?
    • A: No. Although an opponent’s spell or ability is trying to banish Sasha, it’s Sasha’s ability that’s causing you to discard Slumbering Titan.

Sasha the Observer

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