Mark Woodin

Mark Woodin


Player, Writer for,, and Alter Reality Games, YouTube personality (Raijinku)

Notable achievements

Runner-up of KMC New Holland
Finalist in the Kaijudo Master Commentator Challenge.
Finished in 9th place at the 2013 Kaijudo Winter Championship. Winner of the Monroeville KMC Top 8 at the Akron and Columbus KMCs.

 Mark Woodin is a player of the Kaijudo Trading Card Game.


Mark Woodin finished second at the Kaijudo Master Challenge at Six Feet Under Games[1] in New Holland, PA. He is known for being the lead writer for's Card of the Day and for being the first person to pioneer a Mono-Darkness Kalima deck to the finals in a KMC.


Mark Woodin can be found on YouTube[2], Facebook[3], and Twitter @Raijinku[4].


  • He ends all of his YouTube videos and written articles with "Keep calm and game on!".
  • He is commonly referred to/refers to himself as his YouTube username, Raijinku.
  • He is the founder of Team Ragnarok.


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