Kaijudo Master Challenge

KMCs Season 3 Map


A map showing the 43 stores set to host Spring KMC's[1].

A Kaijudo Master Challenge (or KMC) is a special event in the Trading Card Game that is held in stores across the nation.


You’ve built and tested the ultimate deck at weekly Duel Day tournaments. Now show your stuff at the next level of sanctioned competitive play, the Kaijudo Master Challenge.

Hosted in thirty stores nationwide, the challenge begins when you choose your civilization. Place in the top of your civilization and earn a civilization-themed prize pack and the admiration of your fellow players. Select carefully! If you chose the same civilization as your store’s overall winner, you’ll get an additional prize.

Claim victory in your store’s Kaijudo Master Challenge, and you’ll earn an invitation and travel to the ultimate tournament: the Kaijudo Championship. Place second and you’ll score an invitation as well.


The winners and runner-up of each KMC will get an invite to that season's championship. However, only the winner gets a paid flight.

Summer KMC's 2013

The first season of KMC's were held from May 4, 2013, to June 29 of that year. The KMC at Comic Asylum in Richardson, Texas [2] saw the spoiling of Infernus the Immolator[3]. The KMC at Leeters in Bakersfield, California [4] saw the spoiling of King Tritonus[5].

The KMC winners and runners-up got an invite to the Summer Championship in Seattle, where Bobby Brake won.

Winter KMC's 2013

It was announced on the official Wizards of the Coast blog [6] that a cycle of "Winter KMC's" would be happening in stores across the nation from September 28, 2013, to November 2 of that year.

The KMC winners and runners-up got an invite to the Winter Championship in Irving, Texas, where Bobby Brake again won.

Spring KMC's 2014

The first season of Spring KMC's will run from February 15, 2014, to May 4 of that year.

The KMC winners and runners-up will get an invite to the 2014 Summer Championship, which takes place June 13-15th, 2014.



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