The Last of His Kind
Season One, Episode Thirteen
Kaijudo - Episode 13
Air date September 15th, 2012
Written by Johnny Hartmann
Directed by Gary Hartle
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The Deep End: Part 2
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The Last of His Kind is the 13th episode of season 1 in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


On a mission to hunt down a primitive Bigfoot-like creature known as the Roaming Bloodmane, Ray and the Duel Masters quickly discover there is far more to the beast than meets the eye.


Ray, Gabe, Ellie, Master Jaha, and Master Kimora venture into a deep forest looking for a big foot like creature. The creature was Roaming Bloodmane. Roaming Bloodmane takes Master Jaha and Master Kimora as hostages in exchange for the other three Duel Masters showing up. However it was a trap so that bloodmane could get inside the temple and go back to his home. Ray manages to persuade him to calm down and manages to send him back to the kaiju realm.

New characters

New Creatures


  • Scott Wolf - Raiden Pierce-Okamoto
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Reef Prince Glu-urrgle, Master Jaha, Tareq
  • Grey DeLisle - Master Nadia Lobachevsky
  • John DiMaggio - Master Nigel Brightmore, Roger
  • Andrew Kishino - Master Benjirou Kimora, Jimmy
  • Phil LaMarr - Gabriel Wallace
  • Freddy Rodríguez - Master Hector Chavez, Roaming Bloodmane
  • David Sobolov - Tatsurion the Unchained
  • Kari Wahlgren - Allison Underhill, Newscaster


  • With this episode, the Kaijudo rule of not touching and riding the creatures is officially over.

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