• Q: Can my opponent still put creatures that have power 4000 or less into the battle zone in other ways besides summoning?
    • A: Yes. For example, Dracothane of the Abyss’s “Dominate the Dead” ability can still put creatures that have 4000 power or less into the battle zone. (Dominate the Dead — When this creature enters the battle zone, choose up to 2 non-evolution creatures in your discard pile that are level 4 or less. Put them into the battle zone.)
  • For a card to be considered a summon, cards in your mana zone must be tapped for the creatures cost.
    • A card such as Return from Beyond that puts a creature from your discard pile into the battle zone is not considered to be a summon, so gets around this creatures "Infernus's Decree" ability.
    • However, a creature with the Shield Blast ability that has power 4000 or less is unable to be played as it considered to be a "summon for free."

Infernus the Awakened

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