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Writhing Bone Ghoul
Writhing Bone Ghoul
Civilization Darkness Darkness
Race Zombie
Gender ♂ Male
Civilization Darkness Darkness
Race Shadow Champion / Zombie
Gender ♂ Male
Duelist Fingers

Writhing Bone Ghoul, also known as Impalicus, is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


Writhing Bone Ghouls are frightening creatures. With arms that curve into blades and a spiked skull, just its appearance has caused creatures to run away in horror. They are known for their aggression, attacking creatures of all sizes. Their incredible ferocity is so renowned that they have even managed to attract The Choten's attention for his experiments. There's no telling what devious plan he might use it for. The Choten tested his evolution serum on many different creatures. Writhing Bone Ghoul evolved into a significantly more dangerous form — Impalicus after The Choten used him in an experiment.


In A Light in the Darkness, a Writhing Bone Ghoul is summoned by Alakshmi Verma as she tries to control him. The Choten has Aqua Seneschal fire a dart containing the Evolution Serum at Writhing Bone Ghoul. Deeming Alakshmi unable to use the evolved Bone Ghoul, the Choten assigns Fingers to use in order to attack Raiden Pierce-Okamoto. Fingers attacks Gabriel Wallace at an abandoned amusement park in order to draw Raiden to him. The evolved Bone Ghoul defeated Tatsurion the Unchained, but was defeated by Sasha, Channeler of Light. The Choten ends up having Fingers thrown into the portal to the Darkness Civilization to look for the evolved Bone Ghoul since he is probably far away from where he was last summoned by now.

In Darkness of Heart, the evolved Bone Ghoul now named Impalicus is seen under Megaria's possession with Fingers as her prisoner. During Raiden's mission to rescue Allison Underhill from Megaria, Alakshmi and Fingers were able to escape with Impalicus and the Cloak of Dark Illusion in their possession.

In Bargain, the Choten tests his antidote for the Evolution Serum on Impalicus regressing him back to a normal Writhing Bone Ghoul.

In Siege, Fingers uses the un-evolved Impalicus to fight Raiden, Gabriel, Allison, Lucy, and Alakshmi when they raid The Choten's ship. When the Evo-Serum Bomb is detonated in the Null Zone, Impalicus is among the creatures exposed to it and evolves once more.

Card Representations

Evolution Representations

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