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Humonculon the Blaster
Humonculon the Blaster
Civilization Light Light / Nature Nature
Race Enforcer / Megabug
Gender ♂ Male
Duelist Ken Okamoto
Civilization Light Light / Nature Nature
Race Enforcer / Megabug / Human
Gender ♂ Male
Voice Actors Dee Bradley Baker
“You have a creature living in your eye socket? That's either the coolest or most disgusting thing I've ever seen.”Gabe

Humonculon the Blaster is a creature in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series.


When it's time for Saguru to duel, his eye-creature Humonculon gets the job done! Very little is known about the odd creature that lives in Saguru's eye, but the tiny Light/Nature creature's power and versatility is obvious, and few live long enough to question it. Humonculon's lasers slice through the opposition, making it possible for Saguru to get his job whatever that may be done. But Humonculon isn't only useful for fighting his lasers can also cut through walls, allowing Saguru to reach otherwise impenetrable locations!

He also has been shown to release webs that can constrict an adversary or pull them closer to himself. When Saguru or one of his allies is injured, Humonculon's healing webs allows for a quick recovery.

Card Representations


  • He is the first creature to fuse with a human.
  • Humonculon has been with Ken around the time when he and his family were still living in the Nature Civilization.


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