• Q: Does “Righteous Frenzy” work when Guardian Akhal-Teek is attacking?
    • A: Yes. It triggers whenever Guardian Akhal-Teek wins a battle—whether it is attacking, being attacked, or blocking.
  • Q: If “Righteous Frenzy” triggers and my opponent has fewer than 2 shields, what happens?
    • A: If your opponent has 1 shield, Guardian Akhal-Teek will break it. If your opponent has no shields, then nothing will happen.
  • Q: Say Guardian Akhal-Teek blocks an attacking creature that has “Slayer” and wins the battle. Both “Slayer” and “Righteous Frenzy” trigger at the same time. Because it’s my opponent’s turn, Guardian Akhal-Teek is banished first. When “Righteous Frenzy” resolves, can Guardian Akhal-Teek break the chosen shields, even though it’s in my discard pile?
    • A: Yes. Guardian Akhal-Teek doesn’t have to still be in the battle zone when “Righteous Frenzy” resolves. Of course, it must be in the battle zone to win a battle and have the ability trigger in the first place.

Guardian Akhal-Teek

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