Gordon hunt

Known for

Top 8, KMC's in Ohio and Virginia; Finals, 2013 Kaijudo Winter Championship LCQ #1

Gordon Hunt is a player of the Kaijudo Trading Card Game and founding member of Team PEACH.


Gordon Hunt can be found on Facebook[1] and on Twitter @pren_custy[2].


An avid Kaijudo player since the game was released, Hunt first saw competitive success in the second season of Kaijudo Master Challenges, making the top eight in Ohio and Virginia.  After losing in the quarterfinals twice, he travled to the 2013 Winter Championship without an invite and acquired one by making the finals of the first Last Chance Qualifier of the day.


  • He commonly goes by "Gorby."
  • He won the first-ever Team Peach Fantasy Draft at the 2013 Winter Championship, netting him a $4 profit.


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