• Q: If I attack with Galzak and choose an untapped creature that has power 3000 or less and “Blocker” as the target of “Vampiric Bite,” will that creature get a chance to block Galzak?
    • A: No. Anything that triggers when a creature attacks (or is attacked) will happen before your opponent has the opportunity to block.
  • Q: If I attack a creature that has power 3000 or less with Galzak and choose that creature as the target of “Vampiric Bite,” what happens?
    • A: After the “Vampiric Bite” ability happens, the other creature would have 0 power or less and be banished. Galzak continues to attack and can be blocked. If it’s not blocked, there is no battle and the attack ends. If it is blocked, it battles the blocking creature.

Galzak of Shadow Pass

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