• Q: Let’s say Corvus Dragon attacks and I have the same number of shields as my opponent. I choose to banish my opponent’s tapped Flare Inhibitor, which has the “Recalibrate” ability. (“Recalibrate — If this creature would be banished, put it into your shield zone face down as a new shield instead.”) Do I get to put the top card of my deck into my shield zone?
    • A: Yes. You always follow the instructions of a spell or ability in order. At the time you check to see if you have the same number or more shields than your opponent, you do. At the time you check to see if you have fewer shields than your opponent, you do! While this is true because “Recalibrate” creates a replacement effect, remember that triggered abilities wouldn’t interrupt the “Twisted Fate” ability. If, instead of Flare Inhibitor, you banished a creature that caused your opponent to gain a shield as a triggered ability, that wouldn’t happen before you checked to see if you gain a new shield.

Corvus Dragon

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