A Control deck is one of the three main types of deck and is the opposite of a Beatdown deck.

A Control deck intends to disrupt your opponent's behavior and gain complete control of the battle zone.

Control decktypes

Removal Control
A removal control deck intends to control the flow of play with spells. They do this by using spells that discard and get rid of the opponent's creatures, as well as using blockers to defend against what they cannot remove immediately.

Creature Control
A creature control deck intends to control the field with creatures. Such a deck often aggressively removes your opponent's creatures either by using creatures with destruction effects or by forcing your opponent's creatures to battle with your creatures.

It is not necessarily true that these types are completely separate; they can and will intertwine.

General Deck Types
Specific Deck Types
RushAggroRemoval ControlCreature Control
Deck Traits
Race DeckRamp Deck

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