Cloak of Dark Illusion
Cloak of Dark Illusion
Civilization Darkness Darkness

The Cloak of Dark Illusion is the artifact belonging to the Darkness Civilization.


Like all the artifacts, the cloak gives the user the ability to bend any creature from it's civilization to the user's will, in this case darkness, and gives the user a huge boost in their mana supply. The cloak also has abilities that only it can do such as allowing the user to take the form of any type of creature (including humans) and it can turn the user invisible. Through its power it enabled Empress Megaria to conquer most of the Darkness Civilization.

The cloak is also the most dangerous of the 5 artifacts as it is alive. The cloak can influence the decisions of those who wear it, for the worst, and the longer the user wears it the harder it is to get off.


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