Carl Miciotto is a player of the Kaijudo Trading Card Game , known for making the finals of the 2013 Winter

Carl Miciotto (EarthP0w3R)


Player, Kaijudo YouTuber

Known For

2nd Place: Kaijudo Winter Championship 2013

Championship and for his YouTube channel, EarthP0w3R.


A competitive player since the game began, Miciotto qualified for the first-ever Championship event in the Summer of 2013 at his first Kaijudo Master Challenge, where he got second place to Jerah Doxtator.  This was followed up by another top eight in Massachusetts and finally, a win in Oakmont, PA where he defeated teammate Christian Van Hoose in the finals and popularized the Megabug archetype.  He was one of three players (along with Van Hoose and Nathan Bond) at the 2013 Summer Championship to run Mono-Light rush, a then-new deck on the competitive circuit.  He narrowly missed the top eight with a 4-2 record, getting ninth place.

The second season of KMCs were also successful for Miciotto, as he acquired three more top eight appearences and another win, this time in South Carolina.  His most successful tournament to date has been the 2013 WInter Championship at the end of that season, where he ran Light/Water/Nature Enforcer Tempo and took second place to Bobby Brake.


  • He is one of the main people responsible for popularizing references of Hydrobot Crab, Miciotto made the top eight of KMC Southbridge, MA using a copy of the card.

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