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Cards in the Kaijudo Trading Card Game are grouped into five different rarities: common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and super rare – and you will find familiar creatures from the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series at each rarity.


Cards of higher rarities such as a Super often feature stronger effects and power than cards with a lesser rarity such as common, however, this is not always true. While a Super Rare card such as Earthstomp Giant might seem like a more powerful card, a Common card such as Aqua Seneschal is used more frequently in competitive play.

Cards in the Kaijudo Trading Card Game are grouped into five different rarities:

  • Common cards show up with the highest frequency in booster packs, and include staple cards which form the backbone of many decks!
  • Uncommon cards play well with commons, adding another lens to look at your other commons through.
  • Rare cards have more unique, intricate effects than common and uncommon cards, providing many cards that are great to build around!
  • Very Rare cards feature colossal creatures and dynamic spells which have an exciting impact on the game!
  • Super Rare cards are the rarest and most awe-inspiring cards in Kaijudo. They have an incredible foil treatment art that bursts out of the card frame!
Card Rarity

The symbol for a card's rarity is marked in the border on the bottom right corner of the face-up side. The number of stars indicates the level of rarity – the more stars, the higher the rarity.

  • Common = 1 star (★)
  • Uncommon = 2 stars (★★)
  • Rare = 3 stars (★★★)
  • Very Rare = 4 stars (★★★★)
  • Super Rare = 5 stars (★★★★★)

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