Card Frames detail the different aspects of a card in the Trading Card Game, with different treatments for Creature cards and Spell cards.


The civilization of the cards: Light, Water, Darkness, Fire, or Nature is incorporated into the frame artwork, and rarity levels are shown by stars along the right side of the card.

Card Frame

A card can contain the following features:

  • Card Name – The card name is on the top of the Card Frame and on the right of the cards level.
  • Level – This number shows how much mana you will need to tap to be able to play the card.
  • Race – Creatures are grouped into various types, such as Armored Dragon, Skyforce Champion, or Beast Kin.
  • Card Abilities – This text lets you know what ability (such as Double Breaker or Shield Blast) that a card has.
  • Power – This number, which only appears on creatures, indicates the creatures power. The higher this number, the stronger the creature is in battling against other creatures.
  • Card Rarity – The number of stars indicates the level of rarity. The more stars that has a card has, the higher the rarity of the card.
    • Common = 1 star (★)
    • Uncommon = 2 stars (★★)
    • Rare = 3 stars (★★★)
    • Very Rare = 4 stars (★★★★)
    • Super Rare = 5 stars (★★★★★)

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