• Q: Can I look at the top card of my deck before deciding whether to put it into my mana zone?
    • A: No. You decide whether or not to use the "Harvest" ability before looking at the card. Once you look at the card, you must put it into your mana zone.
  • Q: Why would I choose not to use the "Harvest" ability?
    • A: In most cases, you'll want to use the ability. Having more cards in your mana zone will help you summon high-level creatures. However, if you know what the top card of your deck is because of another ability, you may decide to leave it on top of your deck so you can draw it later. Also, because you lose the game if your deck runs out of cards, you may want to leave the card on top if your deck is close to running out.

Bronze-Arm Tribe

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