Tatsurion vs. Razorkinder Battle Decks
Category for Blocker

Blocker is a keyword ability shared between the Light, Water and Darkness civilizations.


Some creatures with the Blocker ability usually feature a slightly higher level-to-power ratio, however, are often paired with the Guard (This creature can't attack.) or the Skirmisher (This creature can attack only creatures.) ability depending on their civilization.

This is not true for all creatures with the blocker ability however, some creatures in the Water civilization are still able to attack as normal, but have a lower power (such as Saucer-Head Shark).

Reminder Text

The latest reminder text for Blocker reads;

Blocker Blocker (You may tap this creature to change an enemy creature's attack to this creature.)


Water / Creature / Trench Hunter / 2 / 3000
Blocker (You may tap this creature to change an enemy creature's attack to this creature.)

Guard (This creature can't attack.)

Cards with the Blocker ability


Support Creature: Card Effect:
Panopter Whenever one of your other creatures that has "Blocker" enters the battle zone, you may draw a card.


See: Attacking and Blocking

  • “Blocker” is an ability that lets a creature change what an attacking creature is attacking. If you tap a creature that has “Blocker,” the attacking creature will change its attack and attack that blocking creature instead. You must tap the creature that has “Blocker” to block, so only an untapped creature can block.
  • Only untapped creatures that have the “Blocker” ability can block.
  • When your opponent starts an attack, he or she chooses which creature will attack, chooses what that creature will attack (you or one of your tapped creatures), and taps the attacking creature. After this happens, you can tap one of your creatures that has “Blocker” to block the attack if you want to. You don’t have to block, even if you have an untapped creature that has “Blocker.”

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