• Q: What does the “Enraged” ability do?
    • A: If Assault Dragon is able to attack, then you’re not allowed to end your turn until Assault Dragon attacks.
  • Q: What if Assault Dragon can’t attack because it’s tapped?
    • A: If Assault Dragon can’t attack for any reason when you want to end your turn, you can end your turn. Assault Dragon attacks only if it’s able to.
  • Q: Can Assault Dragon attack on the turn it enters the battle zone?
    • A: No. Assault Dragon only attacks if it’s able to, and a creature is unable to attack on the turn it enters the battle zone.
  • Q: Who decides what Assault Dragon is attacking?
    • A: You do. The “Enraged” ability doesn’t say what Assault Dragon attacks. You can still have Assault Dragon attack your opponent or one of your opponent’s tapped creatures.
  • Q: Does Assault Dragon have to be the first creature to attack?
    • A: No. You can attack with other creatures first if you want to. You just can’t end your turn if Assault Dragon is able to attack and hasn’t.

Assault Dragon

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